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  1. Hi, Love your website I have a sammie called Casper he is 20 months, he’s a bit of a handful but I love him to bits and wouldn’t chnage him for the world.

  2. Fab Site I have a 15, yes 15, year old Sammie called Sonny. He won first place in the vets class at the PDSA dog show last year and when placed got the most amazing cheer. He is the most amazing dog ever, still going strong and loved by all.

  3. Love your samoyed site. We have 2 ourselves called Misty is 12,and Thor is 3. Thor is a bit of handful sometime.Misty is just getting old.

  4. love your site. i have 2 sammy siaters. meeka and sacha. they are 6 months old and are so naughty but lovable, loyal,gentel. and so dam cuddly.they love their walks and romps and its a pleasure to take them outfor a walk. often i cant get more than 200 yards without somone making a comment about how stunning looking they are. i wouldnt swap their smiles for all the tea in china. sammys are the tops. tracey

  5. Love the site and the pics! We have a 7 month old sammy pup, Samantha.I think her doggy name is really “aawooo””!”

  6. i lost my little dog called kiwi in the summer time thru illness.she was 10 years old.now the house is very lonely without her.hope your happy in doggy heaven kiwi with our pals ben and kara.my best friend.from magnus

  7. We have lost our lovely KIWI in the summer . We miss her so much as she was the pride and joy to us all and she loved wee Jacob who grew up with her and played all the time with her.God bless you Kiwi you are now with our other 2 samoyeds Ben and Kara in doggy heaven.

  8. Tsar our sammy passed away in June, every day i look for him in his spot. i love him so much and will never forget him. To all people who are lucky enough to have a sammy in the family- enjoy and please give them the love they deserve.

  9. I lost my ‘sammy’ aged 15 but I am glad to say it was at home in his sleep. He was a rescue dog and in very poor shape when he came to me but we had 11 wonderful years together including lovely holidays in Cornwall. He was a fantastic character and my husband and I will miss him very much.

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