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  1. I found a Samoyed running in the forest near my home in Spain. I rescued him, he had no chip and when one of my other dogs died returned to live in England. My wife and I loved him beyond belief. He died at about 7 years old the vet thinks suddenly last week. We are heart-broken. A friend in the US who lost her only child to cancer said she understood our grief as Knute was our son. When we have given him the respect he deserved by grieving we will look for another rescue Samoyed.

  2. Love your website. I lost my Samoyed Kira 6 years ago. Life has just never been the same, so now I am looking for another little girl

  3. Love your website , I loved my Sam so much and miss him even more. Tasha my German Shepherd dog and I lost our beautiful Sam two months ago he had a nasal tumour and in the end he lost his life to it. He is in our thoughts every minute of every day we miss him so so much. We had almost twelve and a half happy years with him ,not always easy but I wouldn’t have it any other way. We all miss you Sam.

  4. Love looking at your photos.Have just had to have my 14 year old samoyed called Robin put to sleep.Had him from 12 weeks of age and I am broken hearted.We’ve lost our best friend.He caused so much chaos in his lifetime,but I’d go through it all again to have him back!

  5. Hi my name is Sesi I am a 5 month old Sammy who lives in Lancaster my master loves to look at samoyed sites anyway got to go busy digging up the garden at the moment bye….

  6. love the site meyers lovely just like my tasha lost her 2yrs ago miss her every day they truely are wonderful creatures a gift to have in our lives site brought back lovely memoreyes best wishes to all sammy lovers thanks…

  7. Mum is on yet another sammie site, she just can’t get enough of us. We are lucky sams, mum only works parttime at home around our busy schedule of walks, exercise and lots of sammie cuddles. Taz 1yr 8mths male, Roxy 8mths bitch. Favourite game is driving mum round the bend 😉

  8. Love this site, great pics of your wonderful, gorgeous Meyer. We are looking into welcoming our own samoyed into the family next year (when our baby is a little older)and your advice is much appreciated.

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