Samoyed Rescue

There are always many Samoyeds in need of rehoming. Assisting with the rescue and rehoming are the following associations:

If you know of any additional rescue organizations please let us know and we’ll add them to the site.

Samoyed Association Rescue – UK

Linda Brasier Tel: 01442 877027 (Hertfordshire)

On-line at

Samoyed Rescue Society – UK

Mrs B Walker, Wollaton, Notts. Telephone: 0115 928 1856

On-line at

MidAtlantic Samoyed Rescue – USA

A non profit group of volunteers who hate the idea of even one adoptable Samoyed being euthanized at a shelter, or running loose in the street, or chained outside, ignored and alone. Officially, MidAtlantic Samoyed Rescue cover:

  • Maryland
  • Washington DC
  • Pennsylvania (parts)

But will assist wherever there is a Samoyed in need.

On-line at Sam Rescue

Samoyed Rescue – USA

Samoyed Rescue is a group of dedicated volunteers across the country helping Samoyeds in need. Most often this help is in the form of rehoming dogs who come from shelters or owners who can no longer keep them. It also includes helping owners work through problems so they can keep their Samoyeds along with helping to return dogs to the breeders who bred the dogs and are willing to take them back.

On-line at Samoyed Rescue

A list of rescue contacts for every state in America can be found at the Samoyed Rescue Contact page.