Why am I called Meyer?

Why Meyer you might ask? Well, my Mum was an avid watcher of Holby City (a BBC1 drama series spawned from Casualty) and her absolute favourite character is a heart surgeon called Anton Meyer played by the excellent George Irving. Anyone who has seen anything of Holby City will know that Meyer is a name to live up to.

When people ask my name (can’t they read? I wear a tag you know!!) and Mum tells them and explains where it came from loads of people mention how much they like the character – so I feel pretty lucky to be called Meyer!!

George Irving as Anton Meyer in Holby City

George Irving as Anton Meyer in Holby City

The excellent GeorgeIrving.co.uk has more details of both the character of Anton Meyer and the actor himself.

The offical BBC Holby City site also has coverage of the series.